Google and Star Wars

Back in November Google launched a Star Wars takeover of their various services such as YouTube , Gmail and Google  Maps. Like the majority of people I indulged in it, because it was something new, and lets face it – it was pretty cool!

I am now at the point where I want it all turned off, because if I hear one more lightsaber power up on YouTube I may hurt my computer!

Thankfully all you have to go is go to the Google Star Wars landing page at, which should present you with something similar to below. If you’re not logged in, you will need to log yourself in at this point – you should be prompted if you’re not.

Google Chrome Screenshot #34

Once you’ve landed on this page click the change side button below your image, which will take you to the page below.

Google Chrome Screenshot #35

Simply drag your icon to the centre changing your status back to default.

Google Chrome Screenshot #36

This will rid you of that annoying lightsaber sound on YouTube, change your theme on Gmail back to what you had and turn off those pesky little icons you had as your home and place of work on Google Maps.

You are now finally free of the Star Wars takeover! You’re welcome!

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