Christmas 2015

Earlier in the year I had agreed with the kids mum that they could come to mine for Christmas this year. I picked them up on the 18th of December. They were due to go back home on the 30th.

Everyone wanted to go out for dinner on Christmas day, and I was going to stay at home with the kids as it would have been just me and them, and cook for us. I was really looking forward to this. Unsurprisingly they all changed their mind. I ended up cooking for 10 people, which wasn’t the greatest decision I had ever made.

I don’t know the exact amount of money I spent on the kids this year, but I am definitely sure they had more than enough. Having only spoke to them the other day, they still haven’t had been able to play with all of their toys properly yet!


I only just finished wrapping the presents an hour before I picked the kids up from their mums.



I didn’t have any Christmas stockings for them, so had to go and buy some. I checked several shops and only Morrisons had them! They feel well put together, and only cost me £3 each. That’s what I call a bargain!


Always got to have that obligatory selfie with the boy!


Oi! Put that down – He grabbed my drink which had vodka in it and tried to drink some. I don’t think so Mr!


Chloé and my niece Leah were sat at the table drawing. Leach stepped away for a couple of minutes which allowed me to sit down with Chloé. We drew Greg from “The diary of a wimpy kid”. My niece was not impressed. I had defiled her drawing!


Dinner time. With Youtube of course! What is this world coming to?!


Christmas Eve meant cooking some of the meats. I started with the Ham


Next was the leg of lamb. It tasted so good when it was cooked!


I bought 4 pre-cooked chickens from Sainsbury’s earlier. It turns out that 4 chickens were way too much. It lasted 3 days!


It’s Christmas – who doesn’t have their nibbles?


Homemade jelly!


I bought some Rice Krispies and a couple bars of Galaxy Chocolate and made some chocolate crispy cakes. The kids just had to finish off the warm chocolate that was left over in the saucepan.


Again with the obligatory silly selfie. This time with my daughter.


So many potatoes. I think it took me around 40 minutes of peeling for this many potatoes, however once cooked they were bloody nice.


Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon


Chloé opening one of her presents. I think this was her Xeno toy.


One of the new versions of Twister!


Lots-o-Hugin Bear from Toy Story.


Word Search. We had quite a bit of fun playing this game.


Some more Lego Star Wars – This time it was Kylo Ren


Ooo a cheeky little smile from Chloé

This is clearly where I switched over to using my phone for the photos instead of my camera! Why did I do this again?


Chloé opening her Xeno toy


Later Maze – A game both myself and Chloé thoroughly love. Its a logic puzzle game that uses lasers. Loads of fun


Even more Lego! This time though it’s not Star Wars.



This thing was cool. Its basically Duplo that have little LEDs in it. There is a base which they must connect to that provides the power and they light up.


Got to have some pinart in your life!


The kids and myself always enjoy a game of Naughts and Crosses, so why not buy the actual thing? Its not that big, but its perfect.


My daughter wanted me to do some drawings with her. These are the results. She’s a pretty good drawer. She follows a Youtube Channel called Art for Kids Hub, which shows a step by step guide on how to draw such things as Minion characters for kids.


This is a tiger we drew with instruction from Art for Kids Hub


A Bat


It’s time to eat jelly!


Ryan has been fascinated for quite some time about a game called Prop Hunt. I played it when it first came out on Garry’s Mod so I knew what it was all about, so when he came down I downloaded the latest version for him and let him play. He loved it.


Word Search! Oddly I was always the winner? Hmmmm.


Ryan wanted his ear piercing for Christmas. His wish was granted. Check out the video of it below.

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