It got a bit windy!

It seems to have been a bit windy here in the UK last night. The wind seems to have taken out my mum’s fence!WP_20131224_001Thankfully though this is nothing compared to what others have faced around the UK with the floods, power outages, damaged properties and deaths etc. It’s a scary place out there at the moment! Trees falling down everywhere blocking roads. People being trapped in their cars because of floods and having to be rescued by the fire department.

Picture by SWNS

Picture by Stacey Oliver

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It was all inevitable

I officially got offered the job I applied for back in January (installing the chip and pin machines in and around Hampshire). They received my reference from my current employer, finally. I was told that I was an excellent candidate, although I did not meet all the expected qualifications they desired, they said I aced the interview and I showed a real interest in the job and progressing further, which meant much more to them than some drone who just wanted to be paid, which was awesome news for me. A real ego boost!

On the 26th of February I got a call confirming the receipt of my reference and a start date of the 13th of March. I was over the moon with excitement. I phoned my current employer and told them that I was giving my two-week notice and that I would finish on the 12th March.

The very next day, I got a call from the new company. It was not good news at all. Their contracts had changed and they no longer required the engineers. The job was gone. There was nothing more for me. I was devastated. Needless to say I got very drunk.

Luckily my current employers are amazing. They graciously redacted my notice and I continued to work for them to this day. I’m still looking for work.

So yeah, that happened!

My delivery experience

Buying new shoes, gadgets, clothes etc should be a good and easy experience. I recently bought some trainers from who use Yodel as their courier.

A few months ago I was watching a show on BBC 1 where they exposed the crap service that Yodel provide to its customers: non delivery, damaged goods, lies about deliveries etc.

Just the other day, I ordered a new pair of trainers because mine are just shite and were letting water in, mainly because of the huge gaping holes in them! Anyway, I paid £3.99 for delivery.

I eventually got a tracking number from SportsDirect for Yodel. I eagerly awaited the delivery of my trainers. Delivery day came, my new long-awaited trainers were on their way. I anxiously checked the Yodel tracking website. Nothing new, still out for delivery. 5.30pm, it finally updates with some new information: “Delivery attempted, unable to gain access” it read. What the hell? 5.41: “Returned to local service centre” What?! At this point I got quite mad. I had been in all day. I live in a building which a buzzer system and the main door is usually unlocked. How could he have no gained entry?

A while later I noticed that the package was at their Southampton Service Centre. Yodel allow customers to pick up packages if they have missed a delivery, so that’s what I decided. I would go to Southampton and collect my new trainers. When I looked up the address of the service centre, turns out that it was in Fareham, so it begs the question: How the hell did the driver get from Winchester to Fareham in 11 minutes? Even if I read the address wrong and some how it was in Southampton, 11 minutes is still very far-fetched at the height of rush hour 5.41pm


Thankfully, Yodel’s twitter support is much better than their delivery counterpart. They gracefully arranged for my package to be delivered the next day and I made it clear that I would be in and there would be no excuses for not delivering it. A guy banged on my door at around 5pm despite what the tracking website says.

Stupid Washing Machine!

The other night, we put some washing on as usual and then sat down to watch some television. Katie heard that the washing machine had stopped and went out to put some more on. The washing machine had flooded my kitchen, hall way and door landing ( I live in a flat ) outside!

The water had got every where! The kitchen and hall way contained the majority of the water luckily. I cleaned up the mess and proceeded to take apart the wahsing machine to see if I could fix the problem!

The first thing I looked at was the debris filter at the bottom of the washing machine. Opened it and water came gushing out. Mistake on my part, but what ever. This was not the cause. I then opened the top of the washing machine to see if I could do anything from the inside.

Once I opened it, it was very obvious!

The pipe that lead into the washing power drawer had completely come away from it. What an easy fix!

I attached it back to the draw intake and then turned it back on. The washing machine leaked every where! The leak came from the debris filter at the bottom this time. Turns out that I’m a tit and I hadn’t screwed it back on properly! I had to use some pliers to make it tight enough, but once it was all done, I tested the washing machine again and it worked perfectly!

Drying out the hall way carpet was a nightmare, but luckily we haven’t actually carpeted it properly yet, so it was all still in sections. We pulled it up and stuck them on the radiators over night ( a proper sweat fest that was! ) and they were dry by the morning. We re-laid them, and they are all fine now.