Water Ingress

So recently I’ve had a little problem with my car. For some reason and still an unknown reason my car has been letting in water, which pools in the spare wheel well and then splashes through under the back seats and on to the footwell behind the drivers seat.


I spoke to Ford regarding this issue and they said it was a common known fault of the Ford Focus MKIII. The air vents on the exterior of the vehicle tend to come loose and allow water to build up between the skins of the car which eventually comes into the interior. I looked up what they said it could be and it turns out they’re right. It is a common problem. It’s all over the car forums. I went back to Ford and asked that as they know about the problem and it is a common fault, will Ford pay to rectify the issue. They almost laughed at me on the phone and said it would cost £430 to get sorted. Crap!

Well, as I am not willing to pay £430 at the moment I decided to have a little look about on the internet to see if anyone has put together a video of how to solve the issue. They have!

I proceeded to take out the interior lining and any insulation of the boot. I managed to feel the insulation as mentioned in the video above from the inside through the internal vents. What I found was rather surprising. It was bone dry! clearly this is not the issue.


Being completly stumped we then moved everything out of the way, cleaned out and dried the inside of the car and performed a leak test. A hose was ran over the entire car for approximately 20 minutes paying particular attention around any of the rubber seals. Not a single drop entered the car.

Currently I have no idea where the water is coming from. We did notice two areas in the boot that may be a possibility. There are two holes with bungs in them. The driver side also has the wiring loom for my reversing sensors routed through it. As a precaution I took out the rubber bungs and applied copious amounts of silicon sealant (unfortunately the only one we had was white!) around the hole and around the rubber bung and replaced it. These are next to the wheel which may be spraying water up through them, so If this is the area where the water ingress is happening, this should stop it. It is messy, but if it works who cares?


I have left everything out of the boot for now except the spare wheel and jack so I can keep an eye on any future water ingress easily. If water continues to get into the boot, I will have to get a professional to take a look. Either way I will post another update to keep you informed.


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    • Hey Kelly. Sadly no, however I did manage to fix it eventually. – Check out this post . This explains it all. Hope that helps.

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