Ryans 10!

My son is now 10 years old! His birthday was on the 14th, but I had to see him the weekend before. This was a good thing as I found something that Ryan would enjoy so much.


Ryan is heavily into beatboxing. He watches hours upon hours of videos on youtube of various artists performing their talent. What better gift could I get him than to take him to the Championships?


To go along with the trip out to Clapham I got him a few things as well. A speaker system with a microphone so he can perform his beatboxing at home properly, some new games and a headset for his Xbox One.

As with most kids a box somehow becomes a toy!


From his house we took the train to Clapham. The championships were held around the corner at the Clapham Grand. A short one minute walk from the train station. We arrived before the event had even started, so got to see some of the warm ups.

We scouted out our location and stayed there through the entire show. We had an excellent view. Below are a few clips and photos from the event.





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