Find Your Stuff

The other day I decided to treat myself to some new clothes and trainers. I had it delivered to work as I knew I was working nights, and didn’t want to be disturbed at home. I have had stuff delivered here before and it was fine, so I thought I would do it again.

Around 11am this morning I received a text message and email from the delivery driver saying that my stuff had been delivered so I was excited to get to work and look at my new stuff.

I arrived at work, opened my package only to find it had already been opened. I was greeted with the following.


Needless to say, but I wasn’t too impressed that my package had been opened and my trainers hidden. Nevertheless I followed the clues and kind of enjoyed it.


Clue 2: “If finding your shoes is painful seek medical attention”


Clue 3: “Are you a FAN of treasure hunt?”


Clue 4: “Tick, Tick Tock”


Clue 5: “Sports Direct get a Lot of DEFECTS”


Clue 6: “Getting BOARD?”


Clue 7: “Always be HEADSTRONG”


Clue 8: This was a phone number I had to call

Clue 9: “Is this game making you cry like a baby” – This is the ringtone of the phone I had to call.


Clue 10: “Sometimes you just need to do a 180”


Under the dart board

It took me a while, but I eventually found my trainers. Can’t believe they did this, but it was funny and I did enjoy it.

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