Fathers Day

It’s already been a while since I last saw my two, so Fathers Day was just the opportunity to make sure I had the time off of work and go spend time with the kids.

I set off relatively early from home and made my way down to Winchester to pick the kids up for the day and take them out for some quality father, son, and daughter time.

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We love Moors Valley Country Park so that’s definitely on the agenda. We arrived there shortly after midday and hired some bicycles, grabbed a map, picked out route, and headed off into the woods!

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We enjoyed the cycle route that much we did it twice and then a bit more!

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It’s now reaching around 4.30pm and we’ve handed the bikes back after completing around an 11 mile cycle route through the forest. We’re pretty tired, so we headed off back to Winchester, but ended up stopping for a while at Nomans Land in the New Forest. On the way the tunes were going and it was nice and sunny. Needless to say we were all having a good time. As I’m driving down the A31 I notice the kids in the rear view mirror. I had to get this!

It made me chuckle so much. Bless them.

A quick stop off and a walk and then off to dinner.

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