Camber Sands

Hot weather definitely means it’s time for the beach, and that’s exactly what we did today. I took the kids to the beach at Camber Sands. Unfortunately the tide was out pretty much all day, so we didn’t really have a chance to play in the water, but there was plenty of sand, and I don’t go to the beach with out buckets and spades!






The hole we dug ended up being around 8ft long and 4ft wide. Plenty of room for me and both kids to be buried in, which was the idea, but that’s now how it went down! Haha!


If you’re going to the beach with the kids there should be no excuse not to bury them, and thats exactly what happened!



They struggled so hard to get out, but eventually they managed it.



Once we were all cleaned up it was time to play some football

Ryan tried to do a little “trick shot” to me, but ended up failing miserably.

Call of Duty Championship 2015

If you’re a gaming fan like myself and so many others then you should of known about the Call of Duty Championships 2015!

I managed to catch the majority of the tournament over the past two days, and was deeply impressed by just how well covered each match is with the commentary.

There was match to match breakdowns of what happened just in case you missed it among all the epic battles, which made for a much better watching experience.

I have included the finals below for you to watch, but if you’re interested in the final battle you should skip to 5 hours 40 minutes. It’s intense as hell as Denial takes the win for 2015!

I’ve spoken enough. I only wanted to bring you this video filled with so much skill.