I have a niece!

Well, as you might have guessed my sister went into labour on the Saturday morning / Friday night. We got her to the hospital on Saturday evening as her pains wernt that bad, well, bad enough to say that the baby is coming! Got to the hospital at around 6 – 7pm and they checked her over and said that she was definately in the beginnings of labour. They didn’t want to keep her in so they sent her home!

From around 10pm Christina’s pains got a lot worse, to the point that she needed one of us there the entire time. My mum decided that she would stay with her for the night to make sure she was ok. By around 5am I was shouted as my mum couldn’t keep her eyes open and needed to rest.

We phoned the maternity section at the hospital at around 5.30am and they said, if Christina can hold off until around 8am they can send a midwife out to check her over and to see if she had progessed in her labour because her contractions have been only 2 – 3 minutes apart ever since the beginning! 8.10am came and I phoned. The response I got was “Sorry, we don’t send midwives out to women”. I was astonished!

Surely enough, we waited a bit longer and then Christina started to get the urge to push. Well, that was it. I phoned 999 and got an abulance there as soon as possible. We were rushed to hospital and into the maternity ward where Christina was checked over, she had the news she was hoping for, she was 10cm dilated, which ment baby was coming soon!

Christina and my mum with the paramedic in the back of the ambulance.

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Im an Uncle!

Well, where to start? There hasn’t been a lot of stuff that has gone on since I last updated.


First of all I would like to say congratulations to my sister, she is now 9 weeks pregnant. When I first heard, I wasn’t too pleased to say the least, but I have very confidence in her to look after and raise the baby, she does a good enough job with my kids! Check out the picture below of her first scan!

chris baby


A major bug has been found in the Twitter interface that I designed for this site. When posting anything on Twitter with a single quote in it, it screws with the script and causes a major error that I didnt know about until today. I have disabled it for now until I can fix the error. You can check for updates on the Twitter account for this website – DMSiteUpdate.

I have added a new system for templates and a mobile site for some devices ( not all, but some of the main ones! ) and I have added an easy way to customise the error messages that are given to the user. I will eventually upgrade this to include every message that is displayed to the user to make the website completely customiseable!

I have been looking into the Xfire api and Im thinking that once I have fixed the twitter bug that I might look into adding it to the website properly, unlike the other one that I had previously installed on my old site. It will be completely written from scratch and work just the way I want it to!