Busy busy busy

I’ve worked for the Highways Agency for about three weeks now, and I’m really starting to enjoy myself here. I work on a 12 hour shift rotation pattern, which means I’m starting at 18:00 and finishing at 06:00. Unfortunately this doesn’t exactly leave much time for a social life, but at the minute I’m not thinking about that. I’m more concerned about paying back money owed, and saving for a life of my own.

I still haven’t got used to not being around the kids and, I find myself tearing up when I finish on Skype or on the phone with them. It hurts, and I don’t think I’ll ever get used to being away from them, but sadly it’s something that I have to deal with as it will never change.

A while ago last year I bought some tickets to go and see Russell Howard at the Theatre Royal in Winchester. Thankfully Kate was generous and told me that I could have the tickets and I could take whom ever I wanted. When I first did a shift with the Highways Agency I got to know someone who worked there, we got talking and like most people she likes Russell Howard so I asked her if she wanted to come along with me.

We’ve booked a hotel in Eastleigh from 1st to 3rd February so there isn’t any rushing around to get to see the show, or on the way back. This way we can take our time and I can also take her on a tour around Winchester. Not to mention if we wanted to have a drink we can as the hotel isn’t that far from the train station.

I’ve made some plans to catch up with the kids for a few hours while I’m there, and I’ll be taking them to school Monday morning. It’s not a lot of time with them, but I’ve planned to go back and see them on the 11th February and spend all evening with them after school. I really miss them.

Morecambe – Theatre Royal, Winchester

I won some tickets the other day to go and see a show at the Theatre. I have only been there twice before and was looking to go again! I was so happy that there were two tickets, as it enabled me to take Katie out for the evening and spend some time alone! I took some pictures during the show. Check them out below.

The show wasnt the normal type of thing I would go and pay to see, but Im glad I had the opportunity to go and see the show, it was very good!