Force Android Apps to SD Card

While searching around on the internet, I found out that it is possible to force the majority of applications off of the internal memory and onto your SD card with android 2.2 or later and the best part? You can do it without rooting your phone!

To do this you will need some knowledge of DOS and a copy of the Android SDK. You can download the latest Android SDK from Once you have it, extract it to a folder and note the location.

  • Plug in your phone via usb and enable usb debugging.
  • Open up a command prompt, by clicking on run in your start menu and type “cmd” without the quotes. A black box should appear.
  • Navigate to the location where you extracted the Android SDK in the command prompt and go into the platform-tools folder using a similar command as this
    cd E:\Android\SDK\platform-tools” without the quotes.
  • Once there you will need to type in the following command;
    adb shell pm setInstallLocation 2” without the quotes

Your command prompt should now look something like mine.

This is how my command prompt looks after i have navigated to the platform-tools folder and entered the command.

You shouldn’t notice any change on your phone. Once you see the last line of the command prompt stating the folder name again, the process has completed and you are able to unplug your phone and start moving your applications to the SD card. I started with Facebook and Twitter as these tend to get very large over time!

I hope this helps other users of Android who are low on space! As with all modifications, please remember that these modifications are not guaranteed to work. Even if it does work, you perform these modifications at your own risk and cannot hold me nor responsible for any damages or malfunctions caused to your computer or phone.

Edit : I noticed some errors in the dos commands, I have correced these.