It’s that time of year again when I get to have a couple of weeks with the kids, and I intend to make the most of it. I have decided to buy them annual passes for merlin attractions which will get us into all the best theme parks around the UK.

We started our trip with Legoland, and we had the weather on our side which was a major bonus! As anyone with any form of sense should know if you visit a theme park then you better have the extra money to pay for fast track (in the case of Legoland its known as a Qbot).

I have included the videos and photos I took while we were there. Check them out below.














Fathers Day

It’s already been a while since I last saw my two, so Fathers Day was just the opportunity to make sure I had the time off of work and go spend time with the kids.

I set off relatively early from home and made my way down to Winchester to pick the kids up for the day and take them out for some quality father, son, and daughter time.

iphone_photos_ 412

We love Moors Valley Country Park so that’s definitely on the agenda. We arrived there shortly after midday and hired some bicycles, grabbed a map, picked out route, and headed off into the woods!

iphone_photos_ 436

We enjoyed the cycle route that much we did it twice and then a bit more!

iphone_photos_ 416

iphone_photos_ 418

iphone_photos_ 422

iphone_photos_ 434

iphone_photos_ 433

It’s now reaching around 4.30pm and we’ve handed the bikes back after completing around an 11 mile cycle route through the forest. We’re pretty tired, so we headed off back to Winchester, but ended up stopping for a while at Nomans Land in the New Forest. On the way the tunes were going and it was nice and sunny. Needless to say we were all having a good time. As I’m driving down the A31 I notice the kids in the rear view mirror. I had to get this!

It made me chuckle so much. Bless them.

A quick stop off and a walk and then off to dinner.

iphone_photos_ 450

iphone_photos_ 447

iphone_photos_ 449

iphone_photos_ 451

iphone_photos_ 453


Happy Birthday Chloé

Sunday will be my daughter’s birthday, and she will be turning 7. I have asked a friend if they could make her a cake based around a monkey and girly theme. The result was amazing. I do love her work.




As Chloé is really liking all things monkey at the moment I thought it would be nice to take her somewhere that she could get real close with them. Trentham Monkey Forest provided such a platform. The monkey forest is located on the grounds of the Trentham Estate. The monkeys roam freely all year round and the public are allowed to walk amongst them all for a small fee.








It was a good day. We all had lots of fun, and I would recommend it to anyone with children who like monkeys.



They’ve gone

The kids have gone back home to their mother again now. I already miss having them here so much. We all had so much fun while they were down. I don’t think I will ever get used to being apart from them.


Have you noticed what the modern family is turning into these days? It seems most children are growing up in a broken home with either their mother or father living out of the family home and away from the children (I have no figures to prove this, but that’s what it seems like).

Obviously there are some situations when the parents can’t be together, but this shouldn’t affect the children in the family. Speaking from my personal experience I was almost forced out of the family home with nowhere to go except my parents. Unfortunately for my children that meant me moving over 100 miles away from them, and as I don’t have a regular income it means I am not able to constantly travel back and forth to see them. It’s heart breaking for me not being able to see them for such long periods of time, which means missing out on a lot of events and parts of their lives.

When I finally find a financially stable job I want to be able to get my own place much closer to the children. I want to be in a position where I can see them every day. I don’t want to miss anything. I want to be able to pick them up from school. I want to be able to take the afternoon off of work and go see their school play. I want to feed them their dinner. I want to be able to take them to the local park after school. I just want to be with them.

Despite seeming happy all the time I do put on a brave face around other people when the conversations steers towards their children or even my own children simply because I can’t do what they do. I can’t cook them dinner every day. I can’t tuck them up in bed. It makes me sad, so my way of coping with it is when I am with my children I try to make their time with me as enjoyable as possible. I neglect all other things and concentrate almost 100% on them.

It makes me sad when I’m talking to friends when they start moaning about doing stuff for their children. I would give up a hell of a lot just to have what they have.

If you’re in a similar situation with your children or know someone who is how do you / they deal with not being able to do a lot with their children? What are your / their coping mechanisms? What advice can you give others?