Do I have it?

Potential – Having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future.

Do I have potential? I would certainly like to think so. I’m certainly trying to better myself; I’m currently studying Maths and English at college; I’m developing my skills as a photographer; I have the need and want to learn more, to do more. Does this qualify me as having potential?

I currently feel that I’m stuck in a rut with my job. I feel that I have the potential to do more; to earn more; to further my career. I believe a job change, to something that has more hours, is a start in the right direction. I have taken steps to try and sort my “dead end job” issue; I have applied for several jobs. Sadly I have not had the pleasure of a single response from any of the employers that I applied to. I will however, keep applying. In the interim, I will apply my time and effort to schooling and developing my skills as a photographer.

Have a photo of a Meerkat.

Maths worksheets

As it was still early last night after I printed off those maths worksheets, I decided that I would get Ryan to complete a few for me. I explained what he had to do and he done the rest himself. I am really impressed with his work! He had no trouble at all!

Of course, I had to record a video of him doing one! He’s completing the Greater Than, Less Than, or Equal To 1 – 5 worksheet in the video.

While he was doing the worksheets, I also snapped a few photos!

This is the set up that I used to film him doing the worksheet!

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Teaching Materials

I have looked around for teaching materials that I can use to help Ryan ( my son ) develop his maths skills and have found a brilliant website,, that I can use to download and print out some worksheets for him.

It seems that this is an American website, but as maths is a universal language this presents no problems what so ever! It seems that also provide worksheets for other subjects as well as maths, which means I shall be coming back here in the future!

Some of the maths worksheets I have downloaded and printed out for Ryan;

  • Addition Number Charts 2
  • Multiplication Number Charts 1
  • Number Patterns worksheet 1 & 2
  • Missing Numbers 1-20
  • Number Line
  • Greater Than, Less Than, or Equal To 1 – 5
  • Greater Than, Less Than, or Equal To 1 – 10

Everything adds up to around 20 pages of work for Ryan to complete. With some time over the next week or so, I believe he can complete each and every one of these. I will post his results when he has finished.