Conor, Ellie, Jake and Dylans Christening

A couple of week ago I was asked to be Kates nephews ( Conor ) god father, I gladly accepted this responsibility. The other day the baptism happened and these photos were taken.

My god son Conor being baptised

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Marie’s Holy Communion

Sunday 22nd May was my nieces Holy Communion. I don’t know exactly what this is or why she was having it, but I was invited. A couple of days before the day, I asked her mum ( Kate’s sister ) if she wanted me to bring along my camera and take some photos of Marie. Naturally she said yes. I’m still not really confident in using my camera to its full ability yet, but I got some really nice photos.

The ceremony was held at St. James Church, the one where I will most likely be getting married at!

Before we entered the church

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