Chloé’s 4th Birthday!

Chloé is now 4 years old. We celebrated her birthday with an early wake up call, presents and an evening bowling on the 17th May.

She was quite spoilt this year. We got her a new DSI XL as her old DS had crapped out as she keeps dropping the damn thing. We got her some medical stuff as she seems really interested in that kind of thing. A stethoscope and a sphygmomanometer and some medical supplies such as bandages, plasters etc from Poundland.

She also asked for a Bean Bag and some new headphones for her DS and a few other things. After Ryan had finished school, we all went to Eastleigh to go bowling for the evening, afterwards she would choose what she wanted to do for dinner. Obviously, she chose McDonald’s!

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DSi / DSi XL – An error has occurred!

I know that some people seem to be having the same problems with the DSi and the DSi XL as I have been with my sons. I am writing this post as a possible solution for anyone who has encountered the same problem as myself.

Well, lets describe the problem. Turn on the DSi / XL and then load any app and you get the following error message

An error has occurred. Please press and hold the POWER Button to turn the system off. Please refer to the Nintendo DSi Operations Manual for details.

I phoned Nintendo as the DSi XL was second hand and didn’t have the Manual, but they had two solutions to this problem;

  1. Turn off the WiFi
  2. Turn off the DSi / XL and take the battery out for approximately 10 minutes then replace

The first thing I tried was turning off the WiFi. The problem went away completely, but it meant that my son was unable to upload his pictures to Facebook or use anything that required having the WiFi on so this solution was unacceptable. I then proceeded to try Nintendos second solution, take the battery out. When I did this, I completely forgot about it and left it out for around an hour, so this should definitely of worked. No, nothing.

I then took it back to the shop and got a refund and decided to buy a brand new one from a different shop, only to get it home and find that it had the exact same problem. Could the problem really be with both devices? I then took this back and got it replaced. This time I checked it in the shop on my phones WiFi and low and behold it worked perfectly!

I was finally thinking, wow it’s about time this bloody thing worked! Got home and tested it out some more and set it up properly for my son, and the second that I launched the camera it crashed on me! So I thought to myself, why is it only happening here because it worked fine in the shops and at his nan’s house.

So, being the clever fucker than I am, I devised a plan of turning off everything that emits some sort of electrical signal, for example, cordless phones, router etc. So I turned everything off, and one by one, turned it back on. It turns out that I really am clever and I figured out what is causing the problem every time the WiFi is on.

I have a device that allows me to transmit my Sky TV from down stairs to the TV in my bedroom. Now I don’t specifically know why it is causing the problem, but it does run on the same 2.4GHz frequency that WiFi does. Turning this thing off has eliminated any problems that we have with my sons DSi XL. This is not too much of a sacrifice as it only gets used during the night time.

I can tell you how ever the device I have is an X-Sender dg180-s lr150-s and you can get the technical spec for it ( PDF ) . If you have anything like this I would recommend turning it off and then testing the DSi / XL to see if it eliminates your problem.

Note : This is only a suggestion and may not work for you. It is also recommended that you try other devices that might emit an electrical signal if you don’t have one of these!