Have I Done Something Wrong?

Everything seems to be going just a bit wrong for me as of late. I just don’t know what to do.

  • My monitor died on me, which cost a pretty penny to replace.
  • I injure my knee when I fell over at the kid’s school after it snowed last Wednesday afternoon.
  • I have had to take some time off of work because of my knee.
  • I got a call from my step dad saying that my mum had been rushed to hospital with chest pains and they think she is having a heart attack.
  • I got flashed by a speed camera in Kent after picking my sister up on the way to the hospital.
  • My current employer doesn’t want to give up a reference for me for the new job I applied for, which unfortunately they wont continue with until they have it, plus I have just been notified that I may miss out because of it.

Everything seems to be falling apart. The most annoying thing about this is that everything was going so well, then it all fucked up on me. I am hoping for some good luck, I really need it. I have been trying so hard to better myself, and this just puts a real downer on life, which I do not need!

My new, new car!

As you may know I won a car back in March of this year. A brand new Fiat 500! By winning that car, it encouraged me to get a driving licence and learn to drive. I achieved my goal on June 13th. Ever since I passed my driving test I have been almost non stop driving about in that little Fiat. Until last Tuesday!

Last Tuesday I approached Ford in Winchester to find out how much my car was worth. To find out if it was viable for me to sell it and get a bigger new car. Ford offered me £6,500 for my Fiat! I was ecstatic when I found that out! After offering me the £6,500 I soon enquired about buying a new car from Ford.

Two and a half hours after walking into Ford, I walked out being the owner of a brand new Ford Focus Zetec 1 Litre 999cc Turbo 125BHP car just sky of £18,000.

I picked her up last Tuesday, with 36 miles on the clock!

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Driving – How’s it going?

It’s been almost four weeks since I passed my driving test and all seems to be going great. So far I have put over 1750 miles on the clock, 800 of which I had done before I passed.

I’ve experienced the long motorway trips several times now, which I do not like! As I have such a small car, I constantly find myself being blown from one side of the lane to the other, so now when I go on the motorway I tend to piss people off and stay between 55 and 60 mph. At this speed, the car is much more manageable.

Going to my mums in Kent was alright. We stopped half way on the M25, junction 8, which took us into Reigate. Lovely place. We stopped for about an hour and had what was essentially lunch at 9am as we were all up at 5am and didn’t have any breakfast before we left.

At present I put £25 worth of petrol in per week. The good thing is, I’m getting almost 200 miles of city driving out of that and I’m still left with some for the following week. I have calculated that even if prices go up to as much as 160p per litre, we should get be able to do the exact same mileage with only an increase of £5 per week.

I have noticed that I tend to have a heavy foot while driving and dump the clutch a lot when changing gear. I am told that this is not good for the car, so over the past week, I have took it upon myself and have been learning how to drive with a much lighter touch and have a much lower rpm. Although this is the way I learnt how to drive to pass my test, I find it very different in my own car, so a change is definitely needed to keep the car in tip top condition.