It’s all engraved now!

So, I finally went ahead and got my medical bracelet engraved, but because no one ever got back to me or would give me a definitive answer I went with the logical “D.N.R.”

I hope this was the right decision and medical personel respect what it says.

Give me a straight answer, please!

As you may know, if you are a regular reader of my blog, I recently spoke to my doctor and set up a Do Not Resuscitate order.

At the time, I was advised to get a medical bracelet or necklace that would inform an ambulance crew member of my wishes. Unfortunately I was never told what to write on it, as my doctor didn’t know how to word it, so he told me to look it up on a website called, but I am unable to find any information what so ever.

I have phoned up NHS Direct hoping that they could give me the information I was seeking but was turned away because giving me “incomplete or wrong information” could cause them legal issues.

The internet is usually an invaluable source of information, but I keep turning up empty because the majority of the information I found was written for Americans and may not be correct in this country. So that’s a dead end.

I am currently waiting on a call back from the NHS PALS which seems promising, but I won’t be getting my hopes up. If they cannot help me, I will venture down to the local ambulance station and speak to an EMT.

If all else fails, I will simply get D.N.R. engraved in large letters on my bracelet, I just hope that the EMTs who treat me will recognise this and respect my wishes.

Have you set up a DNR order for youself? Do you have a medical bracelet with your DNR wishes engraved, if so what do you have engraved?

Why it should be this way

I have long believed that when you die, you die, it should be for good and that no one should interfere and make life “saving” judgement calls that I do not want made. I have recently approached my doctor and enquired about a DNACPR (Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation).

Below I will explain my reasons why I think this is the right action to be taken, despite what my family thinks.

For me
If anything were to happen to me where I would die, could be resuscitated and then be left with a degraded lifestyle, this would make me severely depressed and would most likely cause me to have a break down from which I don’t think I would recover.

For my family
If I were to be involved in something that would leave me in a situation where I was being kept alive artificially, I don’t want to put the burden of leaving the decision whether to “pull the plug” or not to a family member. This could cause them more pain and possibly guilt. I don’t want this, and it is a cruel thing to make anyone do who cares about you!

I am a long time atheist, but obviously the “after life” is unknown, and I believe once you die, that’s it, there is no more, nothing, you “pop out of existence”. It’s a scary thought, I don’t want to die, “partially experience it” and then be brought back to life, nothingness scares me. If it is to happen that way, I would prefer it were to happen just the once thank-you!

I have spoken to my family about the DNACPR and they think I’m making the wrong decision. I have tried to make them see it from my point of view and respect it, but they can’t. My hope in writing this, is it will help them understand a bit more and hopefully once they have accepted the fact that I want this, they will support my decision.

General Medical Council – End of Life Information (PDF) Page 60 Paragraph 128 onwards.

Have you made this decision? Have you ever thought about making this decision? What are your thoughts on someone making this decision?