You’re not special, you know!

Approximately 4 months ago, I had someone knock at my door. I went to answer it and my housing manager was stood there. I asked what she wanted and she moaned at me about two rubbish bags that I had left out side of my front door. These rubbish bags were not from the everyday bin, but rather ones filled with rubbish from the recycle bin.

These bags were not filled with muck, or last nights dinner, but rather washed out plastic bottles, news papers and cardboard boxes, and were only placed outside while I was finishing the house work, after which I would proceed to take them to the main recycle bins outside.

After telling me that I had to remove them immediately as it was a health and safety issue and was in breach of my tenancy and that I could be kicked out if they were not removed, I told her that they had been there for a maximum of 20 minutes and would be taken out when I had finished tidying up. This from her point of view was completely unacceptable, I had to take them out right now! I did this as I didn’t particularly want to be kicked out!

My next door neighbours are the head of Winchester city councils T.A.C.T. (tenants and council together) group for my neighbourhood.

The groups main aims are to;

  • represent the interests of all tenants and leaseholders of the City Council.
  • promote and encourage discussion over all housing-related matters.
  • encourage the process of tenant and leaseholder consultation.
  • monitor the standard of services supplied by the Council.
  • ensure that tenants’ and leaseholders’ voices are heard.

Their aims are honourable and I hope they achieve their goals, but when the rules are different for their members compared to the rest of the councils tenants it’s just plain wrong! I have come to believe this is the case, as my next door neighbours, who are the head of the T.A.C.T. group for my neighbourhood have had an old cooker outside of their front door for the past month or so now.

The offending cooker!

The other day, I decided that I would phone the council and find out why there are a different set of rules for the T.A.C.T. group than for the rest of us. Unfortunately I didn’t get to talk to my housing manager as she was in a meeting, but the guy I did speak with said there are no separate rules for T.A.C.T. members and that their cooker should not be there! He said that he would pass this information on to my housing manager and she would get back to me.

I am still awaiting the call back from my housing manager regarding this matter. I doubt this matter will be resolved!