Dene Park

I’ve not long been back from seeing the kids in Winchester. Taking Ryan to Farley mount made me want to get out and explore Kent some more, so I took today as an opportunity to get out and about.

After some searching on Google Maps, I found a little place in Tonbridge called Dene Park, which is part of the Forestry Commission’s country parks. You can see below where it is.

Getting there took a little while. It’s approximately a 40 minute drive from home. I mentioned to my sister that I was going out and exploring, so asked her if she wanted to come. She jumped at the chance. We arrived just before 4pm and started to explore the area.

The wooded area is quite small compared to some of the places I have been with the kids and their mother in the past, but we managed to stumble upon another trail which took us around the edge of a farm.

I didn’t get too many photos while we were there. Only of my sister and niece, but as usual my sister wouldn’t let me upload the ones of her.

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Catching up

It’s been a while since I last updated, because I really haven’t know what to write. The odd thing is, it’s not as if nothing has been going on either; loads of stuff has happened.

My niece turned two on November 7th. We travelled down to my sisters in Kent, the weekend before her birthday, to spend some time with her and give her the presents that we bought.

While down in Kent, my sister asked me to try and get some photos of her and her new boyfriend, Jake. The entire family ventured out to Leybourne Lake Country Park for the afternoon; it was absolutely freezing! I did however, manage to get a nice shot of them both.

On the Sunday, the slight cold that I had for a couple of days, decided to take a turn for the worse. I started to have hallucinations and ran a really high temperature. One minute I’m boiling, the next I’m freezing cold. It was horrendous. Thankfully, I started to feel better to drive home on the Monday evening. We finally made it home at just gone 1am.

The following week, 14 November, it was Ryan’s birthday; he’s now seven years old. We had a set budget of £200 for his birthday. That £200 would pay for some presents, a trip to the zoo, a movie at the cinema, dinner, a birthday cake and celebrations with his cousins and aunts. for a seven year-old, he does pretty damn well out of us!

The trip to my mums

When I go any where significant, I like to take my camera. Going down to my mums for my nieces Christening was going to be no exception. unfortunately as I was in the Christening I was going to be unable to grab any photos of the event, but I did get a load of photos of the train journey to and from there.

Ryan and Katie playing on her iPhone

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Leah’s Christening

A while back now, my sister asked Kate and myself to be god parents to my niece, we gladly accepted. Here are some of the photos from that day.

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