My Birthday Weekend

I decided to go and see the kids for my birthday weekend. I ended up staying for a couple of nights while I was there. The first night was in the car at the Intech Science Centre car park. It was a lovely night. It was really relaxing, away from everything and everyone, but then I woke to this;


A flat tyre! It turned out that I must had run over a screw on the way to the car park where I was parking up for the night


First time changing a tyre and it went well!


This stupid ass space saver tyre caused me to take over 3 and a half hours to get back home from Winchester!

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What the fuck?

Tonight at work has been different. I got to meet someone who works here. The guy is hilarious, but he’s way up there on his high horse, and I don’t really tend to care for these type of people, because they seem to think they are better than the rest of society.

He’s constantly bragging about money, and how much his daughter uses him as a bank. He also mentioned about going out on the lash, and that people over a certain age should be banned from clubs etc – this I would agree with, because women over a certain age tend to try and dress like their daughters then end up looking like run down slags, and the men tend to look like pervs, and then he goes on to say that he only goes to the expensive places, because there’s no poor people there. This guy’s attitude to others seems really disgusting, and I have no idea how the hell he’s survived in life.

On a brighter note about tonight at work I actually managed to do some work. I’ve really been trying hard to learn the system that we use to log jobs. Tonight has been filled with so many potholes you would not believe. The crew have not stopped once. They even managed to get their photo taken by Kent Police on a job we did on the M2 just after midnight filling in a pothole!


Despite the amount of work that was done tonight the evening has really dragged on. I’m here for a 12 hour shift, but it feels like it’s been the better part of 20 hours so far. Thankfully it’s now 5am, and I’m off home in an hour, but then I have to do this all over again tonight!

It got a bit windy!

It seems to have been a bit windy here in the UK last night. The wind seems to have taken out my mum’s fence!WP_20131224_001Thankfully though this is nothing compared to what others have faced around the UK with the floods, power outages, damaged properties and deaths etc. It’s a scary place out there at the moment! Trees falling down everywhere blocking roads. People being trapped in their cars because of floods and having to be rescued by the fire department.

Picture by SWNS

Picture by Stacey Oliver

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Donington Race Circuit

Last weekend I got invited up to Castle Donington in Derby, to Donington Race Circuit so be with some friends on a track day. Everything was arranged for us to meet up at 9am, so I got up at 5am, had a bath got my stuff ready and made my way up there.

After a lovely 3 hour trip I finally arrived at just gone 9am. I was expecting my friends to be there. No such luck. I got a call about 10 minutes after I arrived to say that my friend had been in a car accident. I panicked a little and hope he was ok. I didn’t get any more information from him until they arrived at 10:35am.

Turns out my friend blew shit out of proportion and made it sound a lot worse than it was, as most people do these days. He arrived with a little dent and some scrapes down the side of his car, what a tit. All cosmetic damage – panic over!

After getting all registered to either go out driving on the track or being a passenger ( me ), we headed back to the cars and the track day began. Sadly the photos I took haven’t turned out so great, because they were through a wire fence, but here are some photos of the cars:

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