Call of Duty: Black Ops – 11 Kills in Under 1 Minute

I thought I had posted this when I uploaded it to Youtube, I guess not! Well, here it is, enjoy!

Call of Duty: Black Ops 1.06 Patch Live Now!

Treyarch have finally released their 1.06 patch for Call of Duty: Black Bug Ops. Unfortunately it’s not the update I was expecting. Treyarch keep releasing a large “in progress” list and then only do a few updates at a time.

Fair enough, they are now starting to fix the bugs with Black Ops, but why keep promising that they are going to give us features that have been in the Xbox 360 version for some time now! I was really looking forward to the dolly cam and the fix for the red diamond that appears when in the Gunship, Valkyrie Rocket and Chopper Gunner.

  • Backward compatibility for films created before Patch 1.05
  • Issues with weapon purchases after prestiging in some cases
  • Leaving a server and joining a different server, could briefly show the Map of the previous server
  • Duplicate player name on a server now becomes playername+slotnumber instead of ‘Unknown Soldier’
  • During a ‘Demolition’ match, the ‘Auto-balancing teams’ options may cause a ‘Defender’ player to respawn with a ‘Bomb’ icon in his inventory
  • Minor Shader Warming speed increase
  • One In The Chamber no longer counts democlient as a live player
  • 16x AA menu option for compatible graphics cards
  • Additional Stability improvements

There are still a few bugs with Black Ops which have not been addressed in the latest patch. A few of these are listed below,

  • You can now play older theatre recordings
  • Maps now load quicker than before with Shader Warming on, although not significantly
  • The stutter when leaving a map has still not gone
  • Kill-cam slow-mo has still not been re-instated
  • Cannot choose class when map is in pre-match mode after pressing escape
  • Game still has random crashes under certain circumstances

Anyway, the patch has now been released. Lets just hope they have fixed more things than they broke / not fixed!

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

I recently decided to go back and play some Call of Duty 4. Why I hear you ask, well, its because I am starting to get bored with Call of Duty: Black Ops.

It’s not just the debilitating problems that the game has with reliability, but also with the way Treyarch are handling the problems. It seems that all they are concerned about is their precious Xbox 360 version.  Off topic as that may seem. It turns out when I loaded up Call of Duty 4 I had problems.

I loaded it up, set up my profile and then proceeded to connect to a server. I would refresh the server list and nothing. Nothing happened! After about 5 minutes thinking the problem was my end, I went looking online. My first conclusion, after eliminating my computer was that there was a problem with the Master Server.

No servers were coming up! No matter how many times I clicked refresh!

What is the Mater Server, I hear you ask. Every time a game server is started up, it broadcasts out its ip to a “master server”. The master server stores this information for periods of time. When a user wants to join a game, the game pings the master server to get a list of servers that are available to join.

Obviously, there has been a problem some where, and I’m not too sure what it is or how to completely eradicate it. The solution I have found to enable me to get a list of servers is quite simple.

  • Load up the game
  • Open your console
  • Type the following in : /net_restart
  • Press enter

Then go searching for servers! When I did this, over 6000 servers responded to my game query! I then joined as normal!

After doing what I explained above, this is what happened!

This has worked for me and several others. I hope it will work for you too Good luck!

Call of Duty: Black Ops 1.05 PC Patch

It seems I have missed an important update to Black Bug Ops. Here is the latest change log;

  • MP Audio stuttering on certain systems.
  • Playercards sometimes not showing properly.
  • Added three Private Match Server Settings: Team Change, Team-Up Period, and Keep Balanced Teams.
  • Added Alternate Color Scheme for accessibility: Settings / Multiplayer / Player Name Indicator.
  • Changed Team-Up Period countdown interval to 10 seconds.
  • Combat Training sessions are no longer counted in Server Browser Unranked tab.
  • Friends on your team will now show as blue on your minimap.
  • Prevention of various exploits.
  • Objective markers localized for all languages.
  • Various stability improvements

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