Stupid Washing Machine!

The other night, we put some washing on as usual and then sat down to watch some television. Katie heard that the washing machine had stopped and went out to put some more on. The washing machine had flooded my kitchen, hall way and door landing ( I live in a flat ) outside!

The water had got every where! The kitchen and hall way contained the majority of the water luckily. I cleaned up the mess and proceeded to take apart the wahsing machine to see if I could fix the problem!

The first thing I looked at was the debris filter at the bottom of the washing machine. Opened it and water came gushing out. Mistake on my part, but what ever. This was not the cause. I then opened the top of the washing machine to see if I could do anything from the inside.

Once I opened it, it was very obvious!

The pipe that lead into the washing power drawer had completely come away from it. What an easy fix!

I attached it back to the draw intake and then turned it back on. The washing machine leaked every where! The leak came from the debris filter at the bottom this time. Turns out that I’m a tit and I hadn’t screwed it back on properly! I had to use some pliers to make it tight enough, but once it was all done, I tested the washing machine again and it worked perfectly!

Drying out the hall way carpet was a nightmare, but luckily we haven’t actually carpeted it properly yet, so it was all still in sections. We pulled it up and stuck them on the radiators over night ( a proper sweat fest that was! ) and they were dry by the morning. We re-laid them, and they are all fine now.