Intels AppUp Store – A complete fail?

As I said the other day, I finally succumbed to buying Angry Birds on Intel’s AppUp store as I wanted it quite badly on my PC. The first attempt to sign up to the app store was a complete dismal failure. There was an error with the Intel sign up website. So I couldn’t do anything then. Everything seemed to go alright the second time I attempted to sign up to their app store service.

I proceeded to purchase Angry Birds and two other applications, then downloaded and installed them. Angry Birds worked a treat, but the other two applications, Facebook and Twitter for netbooks, did not. After two days of playing the Angry Birds, I then receive an email from Intel, saying that my purchase had been canceled with a note saying there had been an error processing it.

I didn’t think much of that email, as I was still able to play Angry Birds. Late last night I decided to load up AppUp and see what other applicati0ns were available to buy. Upon doing so, I had a look around, didn’t see anything worth paying for and then decided to have a game of Angry Birds. When launching the application I was then prompted with the following error.

The stupid error I got after launching Angry Birds!

I had no idea what this meant and still have not heard anything back from Intel’s support department on the matter. I wouldn’t really be bothered with this, except that I paid money for a game that I cannot play, and as its a weekend, I don’t think that I will get help from anyone regarding this matter until at very least, Monday!

If Rovio had of released Angry Birds on Steam, then there wouldn’t be any problems like this. I have had a very good track record with Steam. Well, I must have. I’ve bought 107 games on it to date!

I will make another blog when I finally get some more information from Intel or Rovio concerning AppUp and Angry Birds, I just hope people don’t have the same misfortune as me!

Angry Birds on PC

I finally sucumbed to buying Angry Birds on the PC, using Intel’s AppUp Store which is not that bad to be perfectly honest, but I would have perfered to have bought it on Steam as all of my games, all 107 of them, are on there!

The game is even more amazing on the pc than it is on my iPod and HTC Desire. It’ huge! That said, thats all thats different, everything else is exactly the same! It seems that Rovio have done an excellent job, although they should have released on Steam first!

Check out the video below of my playing the first 2 levels and scoring rather badly I must say!

Angry Birds on Steam!

Rovio ( the creators of Angry Bird ) have finally given me the good news I have been waiting for since they told me that Angry Birds was going to be on the PC platform. It’s going to be on Steam but unfortunately they don’t have a time frame of when it will be available on there.

In the mean time I will anxiously await the release of it while I own some n00bs on Call of Duty: Black Ops

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