Dene Park

Dene Park is a lovely wooded area not that far from Tonbridge. I discovered it last year just searching around on Google Maps for new places to explore not that long after moving to Kent.

I took my sister there late last year when it was still a bit chilly. This year I wanted to take the kids so they could explore with us. It was that nice even jackets weren’t needed!












It was a lovely day today so we decided to go down to Dover and look at the boats entering and leaving the docks and then explore around the White Cliffs.





A P&O ferry coming into port to drop off passengers coming from France


You’ve got to have a selfie with the kids. A single day without one is just wrong! I love these two so much!


I used the Pano settings on my iPhone, and aside from their legs being cut off it’s a nice photo of them


Yeah there is more than just one selfie with the kids.


Told you! It just has to be done!


We got to the lighthouse, but didn’t realise you had to pay to get in? Atrocious! Oh well they were nice and let the kids play with a kite, which I thought was cool. I’ve not flown one since I was a kid.


We all had a go with the kite, and really enjoyed it. I might just have to buy one at some point.



Over all it was a good day, although the wind was quite chilly on the coast that day.

Just a small video of how high up the cliffs really are.

Call of Duty – Advanced Warfare

I have had my Playstation 4 for around 6 months now and I believe I have adapted to console gaming quite well. When I first had a console it was in the year of Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario, Alex The Kidd, Street Fighter and Coolspot. Console gaming has advanced to the level of PC gaming now, so I thought it was about time I had my turn with it.

When I first started playing games properly I was a dedicated PC gamer, but it’s an expensive hobby to keep all my equipment up to date, and I just don’t have the time or money to do that now. Now days I don’t have the time to spend hours and hours playing, so it’s a just a once in a while thing, and with console gaming, you don’t need to update any hardware yet you can still play all the latest games unlike with a PC.

You can see how far I have progressed with my console gaming from the two videos below.

The video below is from October 2014. It shows one of the better runs I had at the time. It’s still quite crap though.

Now compare it to how I play now. As you can see from the video below there is quite a difference. Not only in play style, but in technique and ability too.

I’d have to say that I’m quite proud of myself from going from a PC gamer to being able to play on a console. It’s quite a dramatic change.

Bedgebury Pinetum

I took the kids, niece and my sister to Bedgebury Pinetum yesterday for the day out. The kids had so much fun playing in many of the purpose-built play areas. Some of which are brand new for this year. At least I think so, as I didn’t see them there last year when I went with the kids!

If you or your kids like going to forested areas for walks, trails, playing or what have you then I would definitely recommend Bedgebury Pinetum, however you should be aware of the parking charges. It’s not too expensive, and it’s well worth it.





Sadly the Gruffalo trail has gone, but has now instead been replaced with the “superworm” trail. I’m not too sure about that one, however the Gruffalo still remains!


Getting this photo was interesting. Ryan was already around 25ft off of the ground. I made the climb up even higher, just to get it! Scary!





As always my son is quite accident prone when going to places like this. Within 5 minutes of getting to the park he manages to hurt himself while climbing about on a rock and ends up giving himself the middle graze and bruise.


The Park closed at 7pm and this was taken at 6.43pm. We still had a 25 mins walk ahead of us, but I pressed on ahead, and I made it back to the car and paid for parking just before closing time! Quite lucky if you ask me!

Do you know of any other similar type places that are in the Kent / Sussex area that I might like? If you know of somewhere or have been there then drop a line below and tell me about it. It would be great to have several places to go during the summer with the kids.