Two weeks and counting

It’s been two weeks since I started working for The Co-operative, and I’m really starting to enjoy myself. There are a couple of people I have to give shout outs to, because they have helped me integrate myself into the shop and for teaching me all that I need to know. So these thanks go to, Sarah, Darren and Adam.

The past two weeks has been all about learning the role of a team leader and how they differ from the customer service assistants ( or basically, till ops ). My main duty as a team leader is to the store, while the CSA deals with the customers. Duties that I have to complete are such things as bringing out all the chilled stock and getting it out, reducing items, facing up, price checks, cashing up, sorting the tills and locking up the store of a night-time. There are more things on my list ( 27 in total ) but I won’t go and bore you with listing each and everyone.

I finally have my own uniform now, and it’s very comfortable. The down side to it is that it’s too big. I need a smaller size, but I suppose I could live with it.

On Friday, Adam and myself took a trip to Brighton to go on a training course to get a Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders qualification, which allows us to sell alcohol with out the need for someone else being present. That morning I was up at 4.30am, one of the earliest mornings I’ve had in a while, but it gave me plenty of time to have a shower and take my time getting dressed. We stopped off at a Sainsbury’s in Chichester on the way to grab a cooked breakfast, which was amazing! After leaving Chichester and got closer to Brighton, the traffic got real bad.Luckily though, I had the foresight to see ahead and we left very early. Even with the bad traffic, we arrived 25 minutes early!

The time we spent learning what we needed to be able to get our qualification was an excruciatingly boring one. The tutor was going over everything that we had to learn in the E-Learning just days before. However, he did manage to do this in a way that was entertaining and did lighten up the mood.

It’s official – I now work for the Co-operative!

As the title quite simply states, I now work for the Southern Co-operative. Today I had my induction in Basingstoke. I got to meet four other new employees starting at various times over the next few days all as anxious as I was.

The induction wasn’t quite what I was expecting. It was a lot more informal than what thought it was going to be. There wasn’t any definitive dress code but I went along in my shirt, trousers and shoes just to be safe. The induction, from what I experienced, is basically an introduction to the company, what other branches of it there are, and what is expected of me as an employee; pretty basic stuff.

I will be starting in my store tomorrow evening from 6pm until 11pm. I will be doing some “e-learning” after which, I will be taught how to work on the till and what needs to be done before closing up the store for the night. Although I already work there as a cleaner I’m now a real part of the team, which makes me quite anxious, but I’m sure I will overcome this quite quickly. Until then, I will be relaxing in the knowledge that I now have a better job, better pay and the prospect of management after six months!

Go team David! wOOp!

Good news!

I got some good news through the post this morning. I got a letter officially offering me the Team leader position I applied for at Co-op. The induction takes place at a store in Basingstoke on 13th April and I start in my store the following day where I will learn how to do everything from serving people to cashing up and closing the store.

coop letter

I really am looking forward to starting this job. Not only is it a higher position than what I would have normally applied for, it also pays more than what I currently get for cleaning the store. I’m also loving that I will be able to work many more hours than what I do now, meaning more money which makes me happy!