For me at the moment, time seems to be moving incredibly slow ever since I booked my practical driving test. This is probably down to my excitement. Finally being able to go where ever I like, do what ever I want, being completely independent and not relying on anyone ever again.

As of right now, there are only 8 days left before I take my test, and it seems the closer I get, the more frustrated I am about not bring able to drive my car without a chaperone. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have someone sat in the car with me chatting shit, but it would be nice to finally not worry about if I am taking them away from something that they actually want to be doing.

Luckily I have an awesome friend who knows what I am going through, and is willing to sit in the car with me and let me drive to get some more experience.

Just the other day I went out with Keveena in the car to Andover and back, just so that I could get some more experience driving in a motorway type environment. I will be doing a lot of long distance driving when I finally pass because my mum live in Kent and Kate’s dad lives where ever he lives, I have no idea, but the more long distance driving experience I can get the better!

I have looked at getting a SatNav when I pass which will help me out a lot and make my journeys that much easier. I have been looking at the TomTom Start 60. It seems pretty awesome with its 6 inch screen and the free map updates from the TomTom community, which is a must have feature, that way, no matter how long I have this, it should never get out of date!

You can get a great review of the TomTom Start 60 from including photos.

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