Welcome to the family Bob!

If you haven’t already noticed, either on Facebook or Twitter, I recently got a dog. His name is Bob and he’s a 6-year-old Jack Russell. He was Kate’s sisters dog. She recently had a baby and it turns out that he is allergic to Bob. Unfortunately, it meant that she had to get rid of Bob.

We agreed to have him! He’s been with us for the past couple of weeks now and seems to be very happy with us. He got some quirks about him, some good, some bad. He does not like the postman what so ever, which a typical stereotype for a dog that you usually see in the movies, but what ever. We have sealed up the letter box and asked the postman to put the post in our cupboard, which they seem to be fine with.

He loves his walks that we take him on. He’s very particular about where he will poop as well. Always around the same spot, which we find very funny and he loves his cuddles. He’s very well-behaved and always does as he’s told. I’m glad we got him.

I set up a Facebook page for him not so long ago. If you want to follow Bob’s life journey, head on over to his Facebook page, it’s full of photos and little status updates about what he does and perhaps what he might be thinking. Some of it is very funny!

I won!

Back in December I bought myself a new JVC camcorder. The JVC Evario GZ-HM445BEK. After purchasing my new camera, I decided that I wanted as much information about this camera as possible so I went to the JVC website, had a look around and the camera seemed to be everything that I wanted for such a small price. Upon browsing, I noticed that they had a competition for Evario owners, so I entered.

I didn’t think too much of it after entering. Quite frankly I completely forgot about it until I got a call on the 5th of March! I got a call to tell me that I had won the competition. What did I win? A brand new car! It’s definitely not the car I would have picked if I were buying it, but at the end of the day, it’s a brand new car that I have just won!

I am still waiting on JVC to announce the winners publicly, but I have been officially told that the car is definitely mine!

It's a girl car, I know, but at the end of the day, we now have a FREE car! Yay!

I managed to get the insurance from Admiral, who were the cheapest by far. It’s costing me £1019.77 for 12 months at £85 per month, which is pretty good, so I’m told. It would have been £789.31 if I had paid it in one lump sum, which unfortunately, I am unable to afford to do so before I get the car.

I should be going to London next week to pick the car up and drive it home. Unfortunately, as I am a learner, I still need to have someone with me that has a full valid UK licence for at least 3 years who is over the age of 21. If all goes to plan, then I will be able to drive it all the way home, avoiding the motorways, which should be a lovely 2 hour drive!

Shock Horror!

So, I got some random news I want to talk about. I recently got a job! I know, shock horror!

For those out there that know me, this is going to be a “what the fuck moment” for them. For those who don’t know me, I’ll explain; My last job was in 2004!

How come it’s been so long since I had a job? Well, my last job didn’t end well because of a breach in a verbal contract between me and the proprietor. We agreed that I would get £100 of my wages weekly, and the rest on “pay-day”. They broke this agreement, and an argument ensued. Needless to say, they fired me!

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