Force Android Apps to SD Card

While searching around on the internet, I found out that it is possible to force the majority of applications off of the internal memory and onto your SD card with android 2.2 or later and the best part? You can do it without rooting your phone!

To do this you will need some knowledge of DOS and a copy of the Android SDK. You can download the latest Android SDK from Once you have it, extract it to a folder and note the location.

  • Plug in your phone via usb and enable usb debugging.
  • Open up a command prompt, by clicking on run in your start menu and type “cmd” without the quotes. A black box should appear.
  • Navigate to the location where you extracted the Android SDK in the command prompt and go into the platform-tools folder using a similar command as this
    cd E:\Android\SDK\platform-tools” without the quotes.
  • Once there you will need to type in the following command;
    adb shell pm setInstallLocation 2” without the quotes

Your command prompt should now look something like mine.

This is how my command prompt looks after i have navigated to the platform-tools folder and entered the command.

You shouldn’t notice any change on your phone. Once you see the last line of the command prompt stating the folder name again, the process has completed and you are able to unplug your phone and start moving your applications to the SD card. I started with Facebook and Twitter as these tend to get very large over time!

I hope this helps other users of Android who are low on space! As with all modifications, please remember that these modifications are not guaranteed to work. Even if it does work, you perform these modifications at your own risk and cannot hold me nor responsible for any damages or malfunctions caused to your computer or phone.

Edit : I noticed some errors in the dos commands, I have correced these.

The school nativities

This time every year the kids get to perform their schools version of the nativity. Both Ryan and Chloé were in the chior. i took some photos, but as I have never taken pictures in low level lighting, it was quite hard for me to get a decent image with out a lot of noise, so they haven’t turned out quite as well as I had expected.

While waiting for Ryan to finish getting ready after his play, I grabbed this picture of Chloé, she looks so cute!

Why it should be this way

I have long believed that when you die, you die, it should be for good and that no one should interfere and make life “saving” judgement calls that I do not want made. I have recently approached my doctor and enquired about a DNACPR (Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation).

Below I will explain my reasons why I think this is the right action to be taken, despite what my family thinks.

For me
If anything were to happen to me where I would die, could be resuscitated and then be left with a degraded lifestyle, this would make me severely depressed and would most likely cause me to have a break down from which I don’t think I would recover.

For my family
If I were to be involved in something that would leave me in a situation where I was being kept alive artificially, I don’t want to put the burden of leaving the decision whether to “pull the plug” or not to a family member. This could cause them more pain and possibly guilt. I don’t want this, and it is a cruel thing to make anyone do who cares about you!

I am a long time atheist, but obviously the “after life” is unknown, and I believe once you die, that’s it, there is no more, nothing, you “pop out of existence”. It’s a scary thought, I don’t want to die, “partially experience it” and then be brought back to life, nothingness scares me. If it is to happen that way, I would prefer it were to happen just the once thank-you!

I have spoken to my family about the DNACPR and they think I’m making the wrong decision. I have tried to make them see it from my point of view and respect it, but they can’t. My hope in writing this, is it will help them understand a bit more and hopefully once they have accepted the fact that I want this, they will support my decision.

General Medical Council – End of Life Information (PDF) Page 60 Paragraph 128 onwards.

Have you made this decision? Have you ever thought about making this decision? What are your thoughts on someone making this decision?

Transparency and truth

The truth is a funny thing when you’re dealing with kids. What should you be telling them and at what age is seen as a major factor. A while back I wrote a similar post about Ryan asking Katie and myself questions about sex. We eventually settled on answering any questions he had about the subject. Should the same be applied to everything else in life?

I believe so! I believe in a world where information about any subject, be it sex, religion, drugs or things such as Santa Claus, the Easter bunny or the Tooth Fairy should be free and distributed to anyone who has any questions about any of them.

If we live in a world where we keep things from people because “of their own good” all we will achieve is making a generation of people completely ignorant to the way things really are and should be. This is NOT a good idea! My main issues at the moment centre on religion and such things as Santa Claus.

I’ll start with religion. Each week, Ryan’s school has an assembly with some people from the local church to talk to the kids. As atheists, we have decided to pull Ryan out of these assemblies, as they simply do not have any other people from other religions in to talk to the kids, which would go against our beliefs of giving them as much information as possible to make their own decisions regarding this subject.

We would rather there be an assembly or multiple assemblies with different people from different religions talking to the kids about various religious subjects, which will help the kids to make their own decisions about religion.

If you were in my shoes, would you handle my situation differently? What would you do?

Santa Claus, ugh, I hate this subject because it’s even more controversial than my views on religion. We all know that Santa is not real and the idea of Santa is constantly being commercialised by companies to dupe parents around the world into spending billions on their kids and not even getting the credit for it.

When I finally found out about Santa not being real when I was a kid, I started to respect what my Mum bought me. She was a single parent on a low income and providing for two children. At Christmas time this was a hard feat, and looking back upon it, I wonder why she did not tell me sooner.

At any other time of the year, when you might buy a present for someone, would you like to say that the present that you have possibly spent a couple of hundred of pounds on is not from you but from someone else? I certainly wouldn’t, why is this the case for Christmas?

We have told Ryan about Santa as we have with everything else in life, and we have let him make his own decision. The problem that I face today is that we have had a complaint, of sorts, from his school. He has been going around and telling the other children that Santa is not real. This may be the truth, but obviously each parent is entitled raise their kids how they want, but should be discipline Ryan for speaking the truth, if the other parents / teachers do not agree? I certainly will not! I will how ever inform him that he needs to respect other people’s beliefs and he should be careful what he says around others as it may upset them. Should it really be done this way though? Am I alone in thinking this way? I am at a loss.

How would you deal with the issues I have raised here?