Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

I have been ill for the past week or so, so I haven’t got around to writing about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive yet. I finally took a nice long look at the intro trailer that Valve released a while ago.

I have to say that I am very disappointed with Valve on this one. If you knew me before my Call of Duty days, you would have known that I was a hardcore Counter-Strike fan since around November 1999 when my friend introduced it to me.

I first played it on my Pentium 166 that had an outstanding 64MB of ram and an 8mb graphics card running Windows 98 with my awesomely huge 2GB hard drive and 33.6k dial up modem! Those were the days when I enjoyed gaming the most!

I played with my 8fps and 200ping and I still owned everyone, but it wasn’t until 2000 that I got my 30k “broadband” connection from what was then called NTL ( now called Virgin ). Back in this era of gaming, everyone was striving to squeeze every ounce of power from their machines, to get the best performance possible for running their games. Turning the graphics right down to get that extra frame per second is all that mattered.

If you look at the games of today, it’s all about the graphics. It’s as if the point of game is no longer playing it, but how it looks. This is why I am so disappointed with CS:GO. From the screen captures of the video, you can clearly see that all valve have done is to “re-skin” a crappy port ( CS:S ) of an excellent game ( CS 1.6 ) and they don’t seem to be creating any new content, merely ripping off old maps from the original game!

I understand that games have to evolve to keep their user-base alive and thriving in the gaming world, but if you’re going to do it, bring the game-play of the original game along with the visual upgrades and add new content! Sadly this was not done when Valve ported CS to the Source engine, meaning that Counter-Strike died when it left the Half-Life 1 engine.

Some things I would like to see in the game if they insist on releasing this, would be a much better recording solution, one not too different to the one Treyarch implemented in Black Ops. Video editing and rendering in various formats, uploading to YouTube from within the game ( using bandwidth throttling options ) and dedicated and listen servers.

From what I can tell by reading a few websites and posts on forums from various people working on the new release, it will be designed primarily to bring Counter-Strike up to date in the pro gaming scene. I hope to God that this is true, as it will be meaning that Valve are bringing back a timely classic from the depths of hell ( CS:S ) to once again hold the torch as the best game ever, as I really miss playing it!

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