Design Consistency

When developing anything, whether it be an application, a website or even a game, shouldn’t it be the exact same on each and every platform that it is designed for?

As a user of both iOS and Android, I have noticed many different things over the years. Applications designed on one platform are rarely ever the same on the other. A nice easy example of this comes with the Facebook application.

Obviously there will be differences between the two, as I would imagine that two different design teams are working on the applications, but should there really be design discrepancies between the same sections in the same application?

This really came to light last night when I was having a conversation with my sister and friend about a DVD that I was watching.

The left image shows what the comments section looks like when clicking from the notifications or from the users profile page. The right image shows when you click the status straight from the news feed.

As you can see from the images above, there is a distinct difference between the two comments page on the same status update. Maybe the Facebook Android developers haven’t got around to matching up the pages yet or maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be or most likely it’s a major oversight that they forgot to link their code to the right section.

This unfortunately is not the only “design consistency” problem I have found.

The image on the left is my profile wall with all my status updates on it. The image on the right in the news feed showing status updates from my friends.

As you can see the design between the two is very different. The design should be unified throughout the entire application.

I hope at some point Facebook will pull their finger out and sort out the design issues and missing features that the iOS app has. For now, I will just have to put up with a crappy designed application. What are your thoughts?

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