Teaching the boy

Yesterday I decided that I wanted to help Ryan with his learning. The way I am approaching this is by helping him write a blog. Nothing over complicated, or too detailed. A few sentences to help him practice his spelling and how to write sentences. Obviously not everything is going to be perfect, but I hope what I teach him on the computer will translate across to paper and vice versa.

The aim of this little project I have under taken is not only to help with his spelling and computer skills, it’s also about documenting his progress as he grows and learns through the years. To prove that it is indeed him writing the blog posts, I have taken the liberty to record him typing his first one up. It took around 20 minutes for him to do this, so I have cut the audio and speeded the video up!

Although his post isn’t spelt correctly, it is legible and you can understand what he is trying to convey. The funny thing is though, if you compare what he has written, and then ask a 15-year-old to do the same, there wouldn’t be much difference with the spelling  and grammar!

Photo Blog – St Catherine’s Hill

I have finally got around to going back to St Catherin’s Hill. I had originally planned to go yesterday, but I ended up not going because of the weather, but thankfully it has been absolutely lovely today!

Check out my journey I took on Google maps.

In total I think we walked around 3 and a half miles, not bad for me but extremely good for Chloé! She has been really good today. I am very proud of her! We started off by visiting an old Geohash I had done 2 years previously with Ryan.

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Photo Blog

I had my Mum down on the Saturday just gone to see Chloe. We were all ill on the weekend of Chloe’s birthday so they were unable to come down. While they were here, we decided to get some photos of us all over at the park. I have picked the best of them and put them below.

Ryan and his cousin Leah

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Call of Duty: Black Ops – Free Weekend

Late last night, Valve announced on Twitter that Black Ops would be having a free weekend! Those who have not had the chance yet to be disappointed by the game, can now have the pleasure!

Call of Duty®: Black Ops - Free Weekend Coming, Pre-load Now!: http://bit.ly/iqZrQj