Bedroom decoration

Almost 2 moths ago, Kate and myself decided that we would decorate our bedroom. We got some vouchers from the council when we moved in here, so we took them down to Homebase and bought some stuff that we needed to complete the job.

  • Paint
  • Brushes
  • Rollers
  • Floor coverings
  • Wallpaper scrapers
  • Masking tape

We borrowed an electric wallpaper steamer stripper to get the wallpaper off. All was going great until the plaster started to crack and explode on us. I didn’t think too much of it. At first it was only a little bit. I eventually stopped and thought to myself that if this carries on, it’s going to be expensive sorting this out, so we stopped and phoned the council the next day to see if I was the one to be doing this, or they would get someone out to sort it.

This is what happened to the plaster just after we started.

A surveyor was sent out to have a look at what the problem was. He had a quick look and said that it usually happens when you start using a steamer to strip the wallpaper off. He said to continue and expose all areas that needed sorting out, so I did!

This is where the wall joins the window lint

The radiator had to come off so we could do a proper job! Luckily we have a friend who is a plumber.

A month later, a guy from Serco came out, he didn’t realise the amount of work that needed doing. He was only meant to be here for the morning, but ended up staying for the majority of the day preparing the walls and applying the scratch coat of plaster. When he finished he said that he would arrange for someone to come out to apply the final coat of plaster for me.

When he finished, he kindly notified me that while the plaster was curing it would emit a nasty gone off egg smell. At first I thought that it wouldn’t be too bad, but I thought I better close the bedroom door and open the windows.

I came back later that evening and stuck my head in and had a sniff. I wish I hadn’t. He wasn’t exaggerating. If anything, he understated the smell the plaster would make! It was horrendous! From that day onward, the smell never went. It was still there up until the day the walls got their final coat of plaster! Thank god I can’t smell it any more!

Because the council are so stupid, they didn’t allow enough time for all of the work to be completed. After the scratch coat was completed, it was a further 2 weeks before anyone came back to apply the final coat of plaster!

Finally on the 27th of April, the final coat of plaster was applied and the room started to look a million times better!

Once the all of the plastering was completed, we started to prepare the room for painting. Smooth out any plaster, fill in any holes and prepare the window well by removing all of the gloss that some idiot put around there many years ago!

It was a right pain in the ass to get the gloss off of the plaster.

sorting bedroom out

As you can see, I had to scrape away the top layer of paint and plaster all the way around the window well!

sorting bedroom out

We bought a heat gun to help remove the paint, this just ended up burning the PVC window frame, which is obviously not good!

sorting bedroom out

Before we started painting, we were advised by the guy who plastered our room that we should apply a base coat of paint as newly plastered walls tend to suck up a ton of paint.

sorting bedroom out

I just had to have a little paint fight with Ryan!

sorting bedroom out

Even though we put up a undercoat of paint, we still had to do two coats of paint of the "crushed cotton" on the end walls.

sorting bedroom out

Annoyingly we had to do 4 separate coats of the red as you can see, it was hard to get a good covering of paint.

sorting bedroom out

The masking tape we put up to stop the red from going on the pink walls ruined the paint. So that needed sorting out aswell!

sorting bedroom out

The room after we painted the red and started to move our furniture back into the bedroom. I was so happy at this point.

From the day we started to remove the wallpaper to the day we moved our furniture back into the room was close to 2 months. I only expected it to take no more than a week from start to finish. Lesson? Paint the existing wallpaper and make it look neat and tidy. I hope my next decorating project goes better than this did.

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