Day at the park

Now I have a decent camera I want to spend a bit of my time learning how to use it correctly. One way to do this is to take the kids out to the park and use them as my subjects.

My original intentions were to go over the park with Ryan, Chloe and Kate. Ryan went over to Kate’s sisters, and her nephew was around here with his friend. They both wanted to go to the park, but they needed an adult with them, so we went with them. As I got to the park, I noticed that the battery in the camera was dead! I had played with it more than I thought last night! Off I went back home to put it on charge.

The good thing about the battery for my camera is that it only takes 90 minutes to charge it! Once it was charged I headed over to the park, by then though, Kate’s nephew had gone back to his friends house so I was left with Chloe and Kate. All good though. I got some nice photos.

Chloe and Kate before we went out

Chloe climbing up to go down the slide.

Katie watching Chloe with a careful eye

Chloe on the swing

Chloe on the roundabout bike thingy!

Kate and Chloe playing football

Chloe being the poser that she is

Chloe throwing grass at me!

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