Ryans School – What do I do?

As I mentioned on January 9th, Ryan’s school messed up when they sent out an email to their students parents containing all of the schools students information.

They seem to keep messing up and I got annoyed with it. They send me emails with attachments that I cannot open, missing attachments and sometimes simply just the wrong attachments.

I finally got fed up and emailed them on the 26th of January.

Can something be done about the way we are contacted via email please. Over the last few weeks we have had numerous failed attempts to email us correctly.

On the 7th January we were emailed with details of students and parents, then our children were presented with a letter to say that it the email was not safe to open.

Why was this covered up? Why was the mistake not admitted and then rectified, or would this cause too much of an embarrassment? Could you have your head teacher and the head of your IT department to contact me regarding this matter please.

After sending that email, I expected to receive an email reply. To the contrary, I received my reply via paper! Ryan arrived home on the 28th with a letter in his bag addressed to myself.

Names have been blanked out for privacy reasons.

Unfortunately I am still not satisfied with their response. Something should be done about the way that they handle our children’s information. As I had previously stated, I can understand that it was a genuine mistake, but more should be done. Instead of letting an outside source handle this, perhaps it could be done internally?

There are plenty of ways to create a mail list ( one where the recipient can’t see each others email addresses ) and use an internal mail server to send it. That way, they can use their own email client and mail server, and send a test email before hand to make sure it correct!

I’m not quite sure if I have the courage to go into the school yet and propose this to them, as I don’t want to cause trouble. What do I do?

Best of the bunch!

As usual, every now and then I empty the memory card from my phone and save all the photos to my pc. There hasn’t been that many pictures taken, but I thought I would still post them any way!

A random picture of my daughter Chloe at our local park!

A nice picture of me and my daughter Chloe

A Nice picture of me and my son Ryan!

A random picture of a peperami - Note the amount of pork used!? That's why this picture is in this collection, its just funny, how the hell can you use 150% pork?

Once Winter is over, I’m sure I’ll be out more getting more photos from the various gorgeous view points around winchester! I can’t wait!

Crysis 2 Demo Coming to PC!

Amazing news! Its been less than 2 days since Crytek / EA released the news that the Crysis 2 demo is going to be on the Xbox 360 platform only! 13 Hours ago, Crytek announces that the multiplayer demo is now coming to the PC platform and most interestingly of all, pre-launch.

This a good move by Crytek as they are now also going to get feedback from the PC community, which should help them produce a much better product. This will also allow PC gamers to get a feel for how the game should play on their computers and allow them to decide if they want to spend the money or not on a product with out any risk!

Unfortunately, they still have failed the Playstation 3 gaming community with no demo coming to their platform, for now any way! At least they can buy it, and then take it back if they don’t like it!

The Playstation Portable 2

Unless you’re one of those people who have been hiding in a closet, you should have noticed that the PlayStation Portable 2 has been officially announced by Sony.

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