Call of Duty: Black Ops update has been released and is live!

Well here you go ladies and gentlemen, the update has been released! The change log is below;

  • CPU performance improvements
  • Server browser bug fixes and tweaks to populate faster and do full refresh less often
  • Fixed crash when viewing leader boards if player has more than 99 friends
  • Fix for locked ADS after pressing shift-TAB to bring up Steam overlay
  • Fix for ADS while holding shift as a sniper


I was watching a match in theatre mode just a moment ago and the game crashed. Check out the pic of the error I got below.

rewinding the game caused this to happen!

The kill cam lag bug that you can see in the video below still exists. This needs to be fixed, but is not a major problem as its only a kill cam.

There seems to be an improvement with the game in terms of how it plays.  The game I played before going into theatre mode, I averaged 72fps where before it was only 49fps so a major improvement of 23fps there! Check out my benchmark from fraps during the course of a quick game.

Frames, Time (ms), Min, Max, Avg
12038,    165711,  39, 126, 72.645

The memory leak bug ( where you would load the game, finish, close it, and come back to it later, then after around 5 minutes would cause a complete system lock up ) is still present. Check out my task manager after the game locked up.

The game is still open at this point and refusing to close. It takes a further couple of minutes before its closed.

The game has now been closed around 10 minutes now and yet I still have over 2.76GB of page file usage. I need to reboot to make my computer usable!

Now, as you can see there is a major problem. I know for a fact that its not my computer causing the problem. I have 4GB of ram installed ( which shows up as 3.25GB due to Windows XP 32bit limitations ) and I have set over 10GB of page file ( over 4 hard drives ). So obviously there is a major problem with the game when it manages the memory usage.

Aside from the fps boost I’m getting, which I welcome, there is no other noticeable bug fixes! Perhaps even more bugs made due to the update!

What makes me mad about this, is the lack of support and the lack of updates we are getting for the PC version of the game. If you check out the updates to the PlayStation 3 and xbox 360, you can clearly see, they are making a real effort. It just seems us PC gamers have been tossed out into the cold to suffer!

XBOX 360 –
PS3 –

OK, now you have looked at that, check out the updates for the PC

PC –

Treyarch really need to pull their fingers out of their ass and fix the damn game!

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