HD Video Encoding for Youtube

A few people have been asking how I encode my gaming videos because they look good at all qualities Youtube has to offer as you can see below with one of the Half-Life 2 Videos I have uploaded.

Check out the settings that are below as these are the ones that I use when encoding my videos in Sony Vegas for uploading to Youtube. Click the images for a full size illustration of what Im on about!

Video Settings

  • Source Codec : Fraps
  • Source Resolution : 1280×720 @ 60fps
  • Codec ( Video Format ) : Sony AVC
  • Resolution : 1280×720
  • Profile : Baseline
  • Entropy Coding : CAVLC
  • Frams per second : 60
  • Field Order : None ( Progressive Scan )
  • Pixel Aspect : 1.0
  • Bitrate : 20mbps

video settings

Audio Setting

  • Audio Codec : AAC
  • Sample Rate : 44,100
  • Bit Rate : 128,000
  • Audio Coding Mode : Stereo

video settings

System Settings

  • File format : MP4

video settings


  • Rendering Quality : Best

video settings

Downgrading my iPod to 3.1.2

I have been trying so hard recently to find a suitable way to downgrade my iPod back to iOS 3.1.2. There have been several methods that I have tried.

One of which is putting my phone into recovery mode and then downloading the 3.1.2 ipsw file from http://www.felixbruns.de/iPod/firmware/ and then trying to “restore” it back to 3.1.2 in iTunes 9.1 ( it has to be a version pre iOS 4.0 ) with Apples guidence. No matter how I did it, it was a complete fail!

I made made an appointment with Apple for tomorrow afternoon at their West Quay store so hopefully they can help me get it back to 3.1.2.

My iPod is still under watrrenty which should mean that its not going to cost me a penny to get it sorted out. Then again, thats if they can even do what I request which is unlikely!

I will be posting what Apple do to the iPod if anything in another update tomorrow and hopefully be able to pass this on to everyone else who wants to downgrade!


Unfortunately, Apple were unable to do anything and said this was impossible!

I have a bug in my screen!

This summer I have had some problems with the bugs! Now, these bugs are highly annoying. Not only do they annoy me by landing on me, but they some how managed to get inside my monitor! Now normally, you would think that this is no major problem, but they have some how got inbetween the LCD screen and the outer protective screen! Check it out below!

bug in screen

Not only have they got inside my monitor and inbetween the LCD layer and the outer protective layer, its died there! Now, I have a black smudge like thing permanently there almost in the centre of the screen!

All of the things I have been reading on the internet about this problem have told me the same things;

  • Don’t squash the bugs – as this just leaves squashed bugs in your screen.
  • Don’t take your screen apart – as you might break it.
  • Turn off your screen – they are attracted to the light and heat.
  • Put a lamp near the top of the screen while off – this should attract them to that.
  • If all else fails, use a small suction cup over the area to prise the outer layer away from the LCD screen – be very careful as this may damage your screen and leave a permanent mark there, but please wait until it dies!

Unfortunately I only found this information after I had squashed the bug in my screen. Now its there permanently, but I hope this little guide can help others with their problem. These solutions are not limited to PC monitors, but are helpful with TVs aswell!

All tips here you can try at your own risk and you cannot hold me accountable for any damages caused by following these!

Ryans Sports Day

It was Ryans sports day not so long ago. His second sports day hes had at his play school. It looks like he had fun there, and I managed to get a few pictures and videos!

christinas 18th

christinas 18th

christinas 18th