Im an Uncle!

Well, where to start? There hasn’t been a lot of stuff that has gone on since I last updated.


First of all I would like to say congratulations to my sister, she is now 9 weeks pregnant. When I first heard, I wasn’t too pleased to say the least, but I have very confidence in her to look after and raise the baby, she does a good enough job with my kids! Check out the picture below of her first scan!

chris baby


A major bug has been found in the Twitter interface that I designed for this site. When posting anything on Twitter with a single quote in it, it screws with the script and causes a major error that I didnt know about until today. I have disabled it for now until I can fix the error. You can check for updates on the Twitter account for this website – DMSiteUpdate.

I have added a new system for templates and a mobile site for some devices ( not all, but some of the main ones! ) and I have added an easy way to customise the error messages that are given to the user. I will eventually upgrade this to include every message that is displayed to the user to make the website completely customiseable!

I have been looking into the Xfire api and Im thinking that once I have fixed the twitter bug that I might look into adding it to the website properly, unlike the other one that I had previously installed on my old site. It will be completely written from scratch and work just the way I want it to!

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