Its BBQ Season!


Its been quite a while since my last update about my CMS and the progess of things. I have made quite a few changes, none that are visible currently, as they are still in beta and are under test on my test site.

Check out the changelog and screenshots below :

  • [Added] Templating system
  • [Updated] Admin news section to enable adding news
  • [Added] Mobile template
  • [Added] Custom error messages
  • [Bug] Major bug with displaying Twitter
  • [Fixed] Twitter problem, pulling xml feed from Twitter instead of rss
  • [Fixed] Minor bug with new Twitter intergration
  • [Added] More fall back options if Twitter website is not responding
  • [Added] Plugins
  • [Added] Xfire profile plugin
  • [Added] Xfire Screenshots plugin
  • [Added] Xfire live status to display what game you’re currently playing
  • [Fixed] Output error from cron job outputting headers when already output
  • [Added] option to update specific or all external xml feeds in cron job
  • [Updated] htaccess to allow URI var after /update/

new updates

new updates

It may not seem a lot but it has kept me busy all of this time! As I said above, you wont see these features just yet, as I’m still testing them out on the test site. Once I feel confident that they are stable enough to put on here, I will add them.


It was Chloes’ birthday on the 17th May, unfortunately I was ill and I had done my back in! Its very annoying not being able to celebrate your daughters second birthday with her. Most of the time I was confined to the bedroom, having only the tv and computer for comfort! I felt really bad not being there for her!

Today I’m feeling much better, my cold has almost gone. I would say I’m around 90% recovered from that, as I still have a runny nose so I’m not totally better! My back pain has almost gone. It only hurts now when I’m in certain positions. Ones that you dont generally get into in every day life!

Today I will be celebrating Chloes’ birthday with her as will my mum, sister and step dad, if they ever decide to turn up! We should be having a BBQ and playing out the front of our house. We got some outside toys for the kids to play with, so they shouldnt be well entertained! After my mum has gone tonight, I shall be uploading the pictures that I hope to take while they are down for the day and sharing them with everyone.

Im an Uncle!

Well, where to start? There hasn’t been a lot of stuff that has gone on since I last updated.


First of all I would like to say congratulations to my sister, she is now 9 weeks pregnant. When I first heard, I wasn’t too pleased to say the least, but I have very confidence in her to look after and raise the baby, she does a good enough job with my kids! Check out the picture below of her first scan!

chris baby


A major bug has been found in the Twitter interface that I designed for this site. When posting anything on Twitter with a single quote in it, it screws with the script and causes a major error that I didnt know about until today. I have disabled it for now until I can fix the error. You can check for updates on the Twitter account for this website – DMSiteUpdate.

I have added a new system for templates and a mobile site for some devices ( not all, but some of the main ones! ) and I have added an easy way to customise the error messages that are given to the user. I will eventually upgrade this to include every message that is displayed to the user to make the website completely customiseable!

I have been looking into the Xfire api and Im thinking that once I have fixed the twitter bug that I might look into adding it to the website properly, unlike the other one that I had previously installed on my old site. It will be completely written from scratch and work just the way I want it to!