I Had Fun!


It was my 7th anniversary and my Mums birthday on the 23rd April, so we had her down for the weekend and celebrated both at the same time.

We were originally going to go out to a resturant in Winchester. I believe its called the Steak House, which is at the top of town, but unfortunately they dont serve anything that kids like, so that went out the window rather quick, plus my sister was being a pain in the ass and tell us she would only want to eat pasta!

In the end we decided to go to Pizza Hut, because its somewhere that the kids can have fun and we would all be in a nice relaxed atmosphere. After which we would go back to ours and have a drink. And drink I did! I ended up drinking an entire bottle of vodka and getting absolutely wasted! It was a fun night!

new tv

We decided to buy a tv for our bedroom last Thursday. I wanetd one that could also be used as a monitor, as it would be sitting on my desk so I could use it for my pc. Its amazing when playing games on it. At the moment, I have it going through the VGA port, but I will be buying a DVI to HDMI cable from amazon to see if it will work and look better, when using the tv as a monitor. Once I have that cable, I can then use my old monitor to do stuff on while I play games on the TV!

New Twitter Intergration Method

Website Updates

I have been working very hard on updating the website some more over the past couple of days. I have completely re-written the way twitter is pulled to this website and how it is done. Its now done through the rss feed on the profile page of the user. Doing it this way, means it no longer has to adhear to a certain amount of api calls so should be able to be updated at any time!

Adding twitter this way also allows me to cache the feed in the database and call it when ever I want. When the feed gets called to be updated, it will be on request, if twitter is down or there is an error receiving the tweets then no updating will happen to the database, and it will issue an error stating what the problem is with out disrupting what the user is doing.


Im very much looking forward to the weekend. Its my Mums birthday and Katies and mine 7th anniversary. We were ment to be going to a new resturant that has opened up in Winchester called TheSteak House, but they dont have a kids menu and Ryan and Chloe dont really like steak. So we have all decided to go to Pizza Hut. Its nothing fancy or anything, but it makes it more informal and we can have much more of a laugh, plus the kids can have what ever they want then.

We went out to the park the other day, and I got a few pictures to check them out!

Day at the park

All excited to be going to the park. They get to go out more often now its getting nice and warm!

Day at the park

Day at the park

Day at the park

Day at the park

Ryan is on some dodgy new swing they have installed at the park.

Day at the park

Day at the park

Day at the park

No more commitment to AOL!

My broadband

As you already know I have had the BT engineer out, who cant find anything wrong any where with my line equiptment or other wise. He has reported back to AOL and I received a call from a second level tech support agent today who has given me the really wonderful news! Some news that I have beeb after for a very long time!

AOL are letting me cancel my contract with them on the grounds that they cannot provide a good enough service to me. The reason their service is not a good service for me, is the fact that they have way too many customers going through their leased hardware at the exchange to which I am currently using. There litterly isnt enough bandwidth for all of us!

I have been looking to switch to BE which so far sounds like a dream, they estimate that my line can reach 12.5MBps down and a minimum of 1.3MBps up which is damn good. There is a contract though, but its no where nearly as long as AOL at just 12 months long, or there is a 3 month contract, but you need to pay a £24 connection fee which is kind of annoying, especially when money is a bit crap at the moment. I might just go ahead and get the 3 month contract and pay the connection fee, at least that way, if i dont get on with BE then I am more than free to leave after the 3 months is up.


I have recently got right into politics at the moment, and im learning all about it as I go along. I met up with Phryn Dickens and Martin Tod who is the local Liberal Democrat who is hoping to be voted in, in the general election. I shall be giving him my vote as he seems to be the best candidate for the job. I asked to meet up with the Conservative guy Steve Brine and who actually said, that he would pop round my house and we could talk about the whats going on and I could ask him my questions, but in the end he never came round and had that all important chat with me. His loss though!

Martin Tod

I have decided after a short little debate with myself about who im going to be voting for this year, and my loyalty lies with Martin Tod – Liberal Democrat. He gets my vote because hes very active in the community, he goes to one of the social gatherings I go to called Winchester Web Scene. He is also a big supporter of completely re-writing the Digital Economy Act 2010 which is a complete waste of time, money, resources and paper. He also believes that violent video games shouldnt be banned because it should be down to the individual user / parent ( if the user is under age ) wether they play the game or not!


I went to Katies Niece and Nephews christening yesterday too. It was nice. The ceremony took place in St Peters Church in Winchester.and lasted around 30 – 40 minutes or so. Afterwards we proceeded to the Royal Oak pub where a room was rented out which had a DJ.


We dressed the kids up aswell. Check it out, they look very nice, although Chloe looks like she is stoned!

Ryan and Chloe

AOL Are Shit!

AOL Engineer

Well first of all he wasn’t from AOL, he was from BT. He arrived shortly after 9am this morning and we had a chat about whats going on with my connection. He tested some equiptment down at the exchange before he came to mine, and that seemed to be all ok.

He got to mine and connected his little modem to my socket and proceeded to test it on his laptop. All results came back as normal, as you would expect with any healthy connection. He tested the telephone line to make sure there were no problems with that. Everything was fine there too!

Long story short, he couldnt find any fault what so ever, so nothing could be fixed. He is how ever putting in a request that I be moved onto a different server at the exchange to possibly help with my problems. We will see if AOL listen to his request and go ahead and complete it!

At the moment my internet seems to be fine. I have just ran a test, its a lot slower than it should be, but its acceptable. Check it out below.

internet connection

Website Updates

I have added the following features to the website.

  • [Added] section to add news ( still not added ability to actually add it though yet! )
  • [Added] ability to view all news atricles
  • [Added] adminDisplayAnews() function to display news articles in the news admin section
  • [Added] ability to submit articles to Buzz


I was ment to be meeting up with Steve Brine, who is Winchesters local Conservative trying to run for MP of Winchester. He was out cancasing the area where I live, I was expecting him to drop by at some point as he said he would, but he never.

I had some questions for him too that I really wanted answering. I would put them on here, but the post-it pad that I wrote them on is down stairs and I really cant be bothered to move to go and get it!

We tried putting Chloe into a dress today, which turned out to be the funniest thing I have ever seen. I have never seen a girl get so moody because of a dress! If you got it out and put it near her, she would scream at you and shout no and start growling. So funny.

I thought I would share this link with you aswell. Its the link to the ITV website for the video of The First Election Debate. Oh I have the link for the Jeremy Paxman interview with Nick Clegg from the Liberal Democrats, which I have yet to watch.

Seens as I have only 2 and a half hours sleep, Im off to bed early. Good Night!